Introducing Our New Website

We’re very excited to finally share our newly designed website with you. It was time for a refresh, we wanted to make our website more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Thanks to a clear structure visitors now have better access to information about our product and services.

Our goal with this website relaunch is to offer our current and prospective customers a quick and easy way to learn everything about our product pixolution flow. Therefore, we also go into the product functionalities in more detail: Visual Search, Color Search, and Duplicate Detection are explained on special subpages using practical application examples.

With this new website we also want to introduce a new service we offer: The development of Custom AI. On a dedicated subpage you can find out which custom AI models we can build and how the process of such a project looks like.

A new Developers page offers everything you need to know about the technical aspects of pixolution. In our Blog we provide you as usual with news about our product and articles about Visual Search, AI, and beyond.

We hope you enjoy our new uncluttered design. Go ahead and explore.
For any questions or inquiries, please drop us a line.

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Visual Search AI. High performance image search for your website or app.

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